Saturday, July 16

21 Days!

     Well, I wasn't planning on having a blog, because I didn't want to use English. But then I decided I'd be using it less with a blog than if I was telling individual people what I was up to. So, I finally gave in and made this blog for everyone to follow my year in Finland. Hopefully I'm on here enough to keep everyone satisfied... But probably not. I apologize ahead of time.
     It's down to twenty one days now until I leave, and I couldn't be more excited! I had been really stressed about packing... until last night. Packing EVERYTHING I think I'm going to need for an entire year seemed impossible. But, Mom helped me to narrow down the clothes I will take, and when I was freaking out than it wouldn't fit in my suitcase, and if it did, it would be over the 50 pound weight limit, she packed everything up in my suitcase. To my surprise, everything fit, and it was only 35 pounds! So, of course, I added a few things to the pile. Now, I'm really not worried or stressed about anything, just anxious to receive my visa and flight information to make everything official! :)